Cover to Betrayal of Magic

Betrayal of Magic is the first book in the DOMA: Department of Magic series, which was published on June 29, 2011.


Cadan Johnson lived a seemingly normal life in Texas, with one exception: his family practiced magic. One day, while in the school counselor's office, he grew suspicious that his parents were keeping something from him, so he tried to place a spell on her. The spell backfired, and Cadan seemed to have a lost memory returned to him.

Once he confronted his father and stepmother, he learned that they were not in fact his parents. He birth parents died when he was only three, and Cadan's real last name was Stone.

Running away from the two people who raised him and Derrick and Raney, who he had always thought were his siblings, Cadan set out for New York City to find any information he could about his parents.


Cadan Ogden

Jude Bishop

Madison Taylor

Natalie Gibson