Cadan Ogden is the main character of the DOMA: Department of Magic Series.
TC 001 - Cadan Ogden

Cadan Ogden

Cadan Ogden is the son of Alexander and Lorelei Ogden, and the twin brother of Caira. He learns in Second Exodus, that his mother actually had two more children Tanner and Taylor.


Cadan was born into the Department of Magic and resided at the Great Lakes Facility until he was three years old. His parents and a group of their friends planned a major breakout, but they suffered a betrayal, and Cadan's father was killed in the attempt. Cadan's mother, Lorelei, was pregnant with Tanner and Taylor, and due to the magic that the Ogdens possess at birth, she had to travel to Miriam Ogden's secret elven sanctuary in South Texas. She died during child birth, and Miriam agreed to raise Tanner and Taylor.

Simon Mercer, a close friend of the Ogdens, agreed to raise Cadan. His twin sister Caira had been unintentionall left behind. Simon eventually married Daphne, another DOMA escapee and fairy, and raised Cadan alongside his two biological children, Derrick and Raney. To hide from the government, Simon assigns the name Johnson to the new "family".

In Betrayal of Magic Cadan learns that Simon is not his real father.


Jude Bishop

At the end of Shrouded Island, Cadan professes his love for his best friend and teammate Jude Bishop. His friend does not return his feelings, but at the end of Rise of the Witch, Jude reveals that he does indeed have feelings for Cadan. The two being a relationship, even though they endure many hardships along the way.

Heather Miller

Heather Miller is one of the Paladins assigned to the main Rocky Mountain team when Cadan arrives. She is a strange girl, described as having long brown hair and doe eyes. She stares at Cadan constantly, which makes him uncomfortable. Shre reveals in Shrouded Island that she did have feelings for him, and the two comes to terms with that in Rise of the Witch.